The light facade as a design element

Every building communicates with its form and impression. Light facades open up new possibilities for interaction in the style of the 21st century. Light installations bring objects to life and interact with the emotions of the observer.

LED facades turn a building into a medium. The challenge that architects and planners face is merging architecture and media facades into a single unit. In opposing interrelation, the building presents the communication surface while the media display of the facade emphasizes the architecture.


A light facade can be realized with direct or indirect lighting and a fundamental decision must be made in this regard at the beginning of the planning process. Here you'll find examples of the two variations.

The variations are divided into:
Direct Lighting   /   Indirect Lighting

Project highlights:

Envelope of light and steel

Funicular is a form of a railway which leads from the base of the hill up to the Flame Towers, one Baku's new landmark.

Customized versions of LED light bars accent the net-like structure in a unique way.


Tower 185 - Frankfurt's new bright spot

The 200 meter tall office tower is the fourth tallest building in the German financial capital.

Of a horseshoe-shaped base building rises the 50-storey tower, whose glass rotunda of a body made of aluminium and glass facade is enclosed.