Tower 185 - Frankfurt's new bright spot


The 200 meter tall office tower is the fourth tallest building in the German financial capital. Of a horseshoe-shaped base building rises the 50-storey tower, whose glass rotunda of a body made of aluminium and glass facade is enclosed.

In floors one to 48 over 750 lights were installed. These white shining special types were mounted at the inside of each floor directly to the front edge by using magnetic fixtures.

This vertical lines at the top of the building which have been considered during the planning process of the facade were mounted in pre-installed brackets. Overall 70 of these lines were installed, each of them consisting of ten single lights.

The three bright strips on the top of the building consist of further special types. Because of the round construction of the 90 meter long bands the acrylic lights with incorporated LEDs have been specially milled and fitted.

Every two lights of the vertical lines as well as every single floor can be controlled and dimmed individually. Via the house automation a variety of programs consisting of gradients, patterns and sequences across the entire facade can be selected.

This allows several never seen shows like the world’s biggest ring the bell, shown during the Luminale 2012 – Biennale of Lighting Culture, which we designed and programmed after the concept by Day & Light Lichtplanung.


Technical details

  • LED-luminaires at the inside of the rotunda
  • Acylic lights on the top of the building
  • Various effects available, including "Ring the bell"