Linear light play

With the new company headquarters Delfin Wellness GmbH have created an architectural highlight in Leonding in Linz. The façade, built completely from aluminium, is intersected with black seams in daylight. When dusk falls the recumbent body comes to life. Its wires sparkle with white LED light. 


Pulsating wires awaken the building
There are a variety of display options for bringing the building to life at night. By controlling individual line sections a flowing movement is produced through the whole wire system. As some parts can be dimmed, the display can also flow very gently.


Special magnets hold LED lights
The wire system consists of around 330 LED strip lights with a total length of almost 500 linear metres. The light elements are mounted just using special magnets. This ensures that no moisture gets into the façade. The magnet fixings also have the advantage that the lights could be installed quickly and easily after the facade was completed.

Full colour LED display
A 15m long LED display is also integrated into the façade. The advertising areas running across one corner of the building fit into the architecture perfectly and provide an optimum communications platform facing the very busy street intersection. Due to the full colour format, even true colour images and logos can be projected on to the display. 

Architect Michael Haderer, Architecture studio:
“I associate the health aspect of Delfin Wellness with the human body. Accordingly, the company building is a recumbent body in which the geometric separation lines between the façade elements represent the wire system. White luminous strip lights make the Delfin building pulsate.”


Technical details

  • around 500 linear metres LED strip lights mounted with special magnets
  • 3 kW kW in standard night-time operation, ca. € 1,- per night