Curved light facade

The new development centre of Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co KG (Altensteig in Stuttgart) is captivating with its transparent glass facade. It lends the building a futuristic appearance with its disc-shaped construction and curved shape.


Challenging: Height of facade and light distribution
The brilliant illumination of the tinted glass panels – which is done over the full height of the facade – was one of the greatest challenges. The strip lights illuminate the façade over its entire height of 13 metres. To do this they are only provided on the upper facade edge, and so create an 85 metre long band of light which revolves around the building. 


So that the 1,300 m² large building front shines with unified brightness, optimum light distribution is a key factor. On account of the curve, the beam of light must hit each individual panel of the glass show facade on its upper and lower edges. The curvature also means that the building circumference on the upper edge of the façade is somewhat smaller. This means that very compact lights are required, but which also need to have an extremely good light output.


Impressive: Lighting effect and energy consumption
The integration of control and mains power in the LED strip lights makes them fast to assemble. By means of the simple cabling, several lights are operated in a row on one feed cable, whereby each individual strip light is controlled by means of a bus system. This also enables illumination to be done in strips. The RGBW strip lights provide the entire colour spectrum for the medial display.


Technical details

  • 1.300 m² light facade
  • 6.000 LEDs
  • 13 m facade height
  • LEDCOM DuoLine strip lights (90 x 90 mm L = 700-1.300 mm)
  • Power costs of 3 Euros per day max.

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