Highlight Metro Stations


The first Metro Station in Baku, Azerbaijan, which has been completed by us is a newly built three-sided pyramid with a height of almost 40 meters. Two vertical sides are set at a right angle to each other, the third face leans against them towards the busy main road.

Customized versions

For the realization of the effect lighting five different especially customized versions of the LEDCOM light bars were developed and produced.
Dependent on the spacing between each steel girder of the construction, the length of the lamp and the number of LEDs has been modified.
On the triangular glass panels of the pyramid’s outer edge the spacing between the RGB-groups is increasing continuously, thus reducing the light output at the boundary accordingly.
This results in a very homogeneous illumination of the whole façade area.

For an easy and optimized mounting all of the LED-lamp’s connection positions have been designed individually.

The light effects are controlled via a central DMX controller unit with two outputs, one for each half of the pyramid. Several signal splitters are distributing the control signal in a way that every light bar can produce individual colors.

Eye-catching glass pyramids

Following the well worth seeing lighting of the first Metro Station we had been awarded with another contract to illuminate a second pyramide-like Metro Station in the heart of the metropolis.
Contrary to the first one, which is set on the outskirts of the town, this station is placed in the inner city and was also the first one in Baku. Here all the LED-lamps and control system had to be installed with the station in normal full operation.

The constructions of both stations are very similar, only that here the illuminated front is cut in by an impressive doorway. The technical realisation and the options for the illumination are almost the same.

The surrounding buildings within the adjacent ancient city walls are partly several centuries old already, most of the walls and towers exist since the Persian period. With its striking lighting design this Metro Station is an exciting contrast to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Technical details

  • Steel-glass-construction
  • Each glass panel can be illuminated individually like a single pixel
  • More than 500 especially customized LEDCOM light bars are used