Media facade with transparency

The Q19 Döbling shopping district attracts attention with an LED media facade. The media facade is not a projected image, but rather a self-luminous system that is bright enough during twilight to display images.


For this project it was important that the view from the inside to the outside was not at all or only slightly obstructed. Therefore, Multivision designed the media facade in such a way that the lighting technology is integrated into the horizontal sun louvers. The assembly and wiring of the media facade are all conducted by Multivision up until the point of commissioning and programming.


Operation of the Q19 media display is programmed by central building services with the help of a user-friendly operating interface.


Technical details

  • 170 m² media facade
  • 50.000 LEDs
  • Resolution 720 x 36
  • 5 kW during normal night time operation