Shopping center with indirect lighting

The tradition-rich shopping center, Sillpark, in Innsbruck was retrofitted with a light facade during renovation. Of the approximate 2,000 m² outer Thermofacade, the large portion is indirectly illuminated by 18,000 white, high-power LEDs. To accomplish this, about 500 LED light strips have been integrated into the facade. Because each of the 500 glass elements is individually controllable, simple patterns, stripes or sequences can be displayed.

Light is mirrored
The LED light strips are mounted at a 90° angle to the underside of every illuminated glass panel. With the help of a mirror in the glass, the light is projected into the facade element.
Multivision developed and produced special LED lighting strips for the Sillpark light facade, which were installed in the facade elements during the construction phase in reconciliation with the facade builders.


Technical details

  • Shopping center with 2.000 m² facade
  • 500 LED strips illuminate the large part of building
  • 18.000 high power LEDs
  • 9 kW during normal night time operation