Power Tower with 700 LED lighting strips

In September 2008, the first office building with passive house character worldwide was commissioned by Energie AG in Linz. At 637 m², the Power Tower facade is Austria's largest solar power station. The light facade planned and realized by Multivision, which employs the most modern LED technology, fully expresses the company's focus on energy efficiency.


The use of 100,000 LEDs
Approximately 700 LED lighting strips are integrated into the facade of the 70-meter high, 18-story building. The light facade comprises a total of 100,000 white LEDs. Each lighting strip is 17 x 12 mm wide and between 3.5 and 4.4 m long for a total length of 2.5 km of lighting strips.

They are individually controlled by a bus system and between 0 and 100% adjustable, which enables the presentation of simple patterns or sequences. Maximum night time energy consumption is 1.4 Kilowatts.

Illuminants integrated into the facade element
The Power Tower is illuminated in darkness by white stripes. In order to make the illuminants invisible in daylight, Multivision produced the most compact LED light strips possible, which the facade builder, GIG FASSADEN, integrated directly into the facade elements.

Software for easy display handling
Multivision has developed its own software for light facade displays, which is usually operated by the concierge. The different display variations are easily selected from a preview screen.

Artistic design
The programming of the media display is the result of collaboration between two artists. In order to map out the overall impression of the building, the four facade surfaces were displayed next to each other in the studio. In this way, the patterns and sequences for the entire building were programmed perfectly. A trial run of the lighting is conducted to adjust brightness and speed.


Technical details

  • 70-meters high office building with passive house character
  • 700 LED lighting strips
  • 100.000 high power LEDs
  • 1,4 kW during normal night time operation